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Perfect Portion Scoops (New)

Perfect Portion Scoops (Set of 4)


Skip the calorie counting! Enjoy food in healthy portions with these color coded, lightweight, plastic scoops. 

  • Match the right amount of protein, healthy fats, grains, veggies & fruit needed for a balanced meal when following the Epic Life Program. 
  • Lightweight—perfect for going wherever you do! Easily tuck into a purse, gym bag, or backpack. Scoops nest for easy compact storage.
  • Four colour-coded polypropylene plastic scoops packaged as a set, together with a chart to show how to portion meals.
    • 1 scoop lean protein = blue 
    • 1 scoop vegetables = green
    • 1 scoop grains or starchy vegetables = orange 
    • 1 scoop healthy fats = purple

Set of 4